Developing Risk Awareness through Joint Action (DARAJA)

Project Overview

The project also assessed the availability and access to climate information in the target communities.

The project was delivered by Resurgence and aims to address vulnerability to extreme weather and climate impacts in rapidly-growing informal urban settlements. Resurgence worked with intermediaries in Nairobi (Kounkuey Design Initiative (KDI)) and Dar es Salaam (Centre for Community Initiatives (CCI)) to build their expertise and the range of tools available to them. Together they created a framework and toolkit to underpin a new communication system for the creation, flow and use of weather and climate information in East African urban centres.

DARAJA aimed to improve the climate resilience of 20% of residents of informal settlements (approximately 800,000 people), and to achieve a 5-10% reduction in measurable avoidable losses caused by extreme weather events in Dar es Salaam and Nairobi through the improved use of climate information services.


Project overview presentation

DARAJA overview leaflet


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