Modernisation of the Institute of Meteorological Training and Research (IMTR)

This was designed to meet World Meteorological Organization (WMO) learning objectives for meteorologists. The basis of the project was a partnership between IMTR, a WMO regional training centre, and the Met Office College, to design, develop and co-deliver training for the benefit of the East African meteorological community.

Further partners included Nairobi University.

The project specifically included training of national meteorological service staff, development of training material and packages for users of meteorology and climate information, as well as the development and trialling of new East Africa-specific regional climatology training.

The benefits of this project included an increase in resilience and adaptation to climate change and high impact weather events due to more knowledgeable and highly trained meteorologists and climatologists in the East Africa region. Also, by strengthening the partnership between IMTR and the Met Office College, tropical meteorology and climatology knowledge has been shared.

Key project milestones

February 2016 - Scoping of training requirements, training needs assessment and modernisation implementation planning

October/November 2016 - 'Train the trainer' support and development of training content

November 2016 - Delivery of pilot Basic Instruction Package for Meteorologists (BIP-M) climatology training course. Read a blog on this training and the blended learning techniques used. You can also view a presentation on disaster risk reduction (DRR) produced by students at the end of the course. Further information is included in a presentation reviewing the November course.

IMTR Kenya poster

IMTR Kenya project summary

IMTR Project Infographic - December 2021

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