Project Overview

It will create a learning and exchange environment within WISER and beyond to apply co-production approaches, better understand the drivers of user uptake of weather and climate information as well as case studies on measuring the socio economic benefit of using climate services. The project will also support the WISER programme on monitoring, evaluation and learning (MEL) and articulating transformational change and building capacity in African researchers and practitioners to apply the approaches used in the project.

The project is being led by SouthSouthNorth (SSN) who are working with project partners Climate Systems Analysis Group (CSAG), ICF, the Overseas Development Institute (ODI) and the International Research Institute for Climate and Society (IRI).

Key project milestones

-    Stakeholder Engagement workshop (May 2018)
-    Manual on co-production approaches and case studies (September 2019)

Read the blog post been written by Suzanne Carter of SouthSouthNorth on co-production, including how the TRANSFORM project is distilling lessons learnt within WISER as phase two of the programme gets underway.


TRANSFORM Project Summary - December 2021

WISER Weather and Climate Information Services into Health Briefing Paper - October 2021

TRANSFORM Lessons Infographic - September 2021

Investing for sustainable climate services: Insights from the African experience - CDKN article - February 2021

Africa: A Key Component Of Climate Change Adaptation Urgently Needs A More Sustainable Approach – New ODI Report - January 2021

A key component of climate change adaptation urgently needs a more sustainable approach – Study - January 2021

Understanding the Links Between Climate Change Risk Perceptions and the Action Response to Inform Climate Services Interventions - January 2021

NEWS: Weather and climate information services urgently need more sustainable approach - January 2021

Investing for sustainable climate services: insights from African experience report - January 2021

How to develop sustainable climate services: a road map for public investors and project managers - policy brief - January 2021

Triple Dividend of Resilience webinar slides - November 2020

Triple Dividend of Resilience webinar - November 2020

Second edition of co-production manual - October 2020

Addressing power imbalances in co-production - August 2020

July 2020

Designing climate services for action 

Using environmental psychology to increase the use of climate information - policy brief 

Using environmental psychology to increase the use of climate information - working paper

May 2020 - Co-production policy brief

April 2020 - Co-production booklet - French and Co-production booklet - English 

April 2020 - Latest guidance shows how climate information services can reach more people

October 2019 - Putting principles into practice in the co-production of weather and climate services  - event report

September 2019 - View the 'principles of co-production' webinarwebinar presentation and the questions and answers from the session.  Also view the Ten principles of co-production poster and overview of co-production poster.

New Co-production manual published along with associated news articles - New manual on co-producing African weather and climate services and NOW LIVE: A Manual for co-production in African weather and climate services

Article : Effective climate services involve more than meteorologists – to reach their full potential 

Posters: Implementing an inclusive climate services project and Implementing an inclusive national framework for climate services

Video: gender and social inclusion

August 2019 - Published paper: Informing climate services in Africa through climate change risk perceptions 

July 2019 - Two case studies have been written by East African journalist fellows involved with the Transform project. Read these via the links below.

How community radio is helping smallholders cope with the climate in Western Kenya

Three WISER projects transform Tanzania weather and climate landscape

June 2019 - View the co-production webinarco-production webinar presentation and the questions and answers from the session. News articles on this were also published on PreventionWeb and CDKN.

Read our Guidance note on Assessing Transformational Benefits in WISER

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