Developing Risk Awareness through Joint Action (DARAJA)

This project aims to improve weather and climate information services for urban users, particularly in vulnerable communities.

Project overview

Resurgence has been awarded almost £800,000 for the DARAJA project until 2025 to support an inclusive urban early warning initiative spanning cities in the East and Greater Horn of Africa. DARAJA, which means ‘bridge’ in Swahili, aims to improve weather and climate information services (WCIS), including early warnings of extreme weather for urban users with a particular focus on vulnerable communities based in informal settlements. 

Originally piloted through WISER’s East Africa programme where it reached 982,000 people enabled early responses such as repairing homes and roofs, relocating possessions and cleaning household and community drains ahead of weather events. 

The regional scale-up of DARAJA will support national and regional climate and weather centres to improve the access and uptake of weather forecasts and early warnings for vulnerable urban communities in cities in six target countries. This invaluable work through DARAJA will build the resilience of people living in cities to climate impacts. 

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