WISER EWSA co-production and co-design work advances in Mozambique

The first week includes the project’s first Engagement and Advocacy Day in this country, among other progress and planning workshops. The Engagement and Advocacy Day aims to raise awareness of the project and ‘nowcasting’ with high-level stakeholders, garner support, and identify possible synergies for upscaling the communication of weather forecasts and early warning alerts.

Additional objectives include making corporate stakeholders aware of the economic opportunities of short-range prediction to begin a dialogue around the possibility of corporate funding; and providing a platform for interactive sessions, discussions, and networking opportunities to strengthen collaboration in Mozambique.

Local and international participants include representatives from government, international aid organisations, the media, the scientific community, and end users. The Mozambican Minister of Transport and Communications, Mateus Magala, is scheduled to open proceedings.

Specific planning for Testbed 2 takes place during the second week. This will involve two parts. The first two days of the week will be spent providing sensitisation on weather information to peri-urban end users in Boane, a district of Maputo in southern Mozambique, to ensure they are able to benefit from participation of the testbed-generated information.

The following three days will involve planning with weather forecasters at the National Institute of Meteorology (INAM) to ensure steps are put in place to prepare for the issuing of nowcasts during Testbed 2, and for managing a dynamic feedback process from end users.  

Testbed 2 will take place in February 2025 in Maputo. Testbed 1 took place in Zambia earlier this year