Climate Services Week 2022

Why are we hosting Climate Services Week?

We want to celebrate the great progress our climate services and science communities have made during recent years in understanding decision-making requirements and turning the science into useable and useful tools and information. This is helping people be better prepared for the future.

What will happen at Climate Services Week?

The week will include interactive webinars, blogs, newsletters, podcasts, and a Big Questions panel event and more.

What difference will it make?

As well as looking back and sharing our progress with the wider community, we will have some forward-thinking discussions to help us identify priorities for the next decade to meet tomorrow’s needs better.

Who can attend?

We welcome all Met Office staff, partners and customers to join us.

How can I sign-up?

You can register for the three events open for external participation during the week. 

You can also join our Climate Services Week mailing list, to receive news and updates in the run-up to Climate Services Week.