Improving meteorological services in Mozambique

The Met Office is leading a consortium of international partners in a project to support the Mozambique National Institute of Meteorology (INAM) in improving meteorological services in the country.

The project is part of ongoing funding by the Nordic Development Fund under a wider World Bank initiative. Project partners include: the Met Office; MET Norway, the Norwegian Meteorological Institute; Deltares (Netherlands); and CONSULTEC (Mozambique independent agency).The partnership brings together broad expertise, methods and tools to support INAM to produce a resilient and adaptive plan for their own development and modernisation.

The project will support INAM to review and develop its long-term strategic plan, including evaluating impact-based forecast and risk-based warning services, and assessing the capacity of weather observation networks. This project, which will run until 2020, will include strong cooperation with other in-country agencies and national projects, to ensure a sustainable approach.