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SADIS visualisation software suppliers


SADIS visualisation software suppliers

(alphabetical order)

Supplier Software and contact details Evaluation reports

Corobor systems

Mr Slimen Benrabah

10-12 cours Louis Lumière

94300 – Vincennes



Tel: +33 1 4573 6060
Email: [email protected]

MESSIR-AERO fourth software evaluation (2014)


Mr Paul Heppner
7855 Walker Drive
Suite 200
MA 20770


Tel: +1 301 474 9696
Fax: +1 301 474 5970
Email: [email protected]

3SI / GST third software evaluation (2009)

IBL Software Engineering

Mr Michal Weis
Galvaniho 17/C
SK-82104 Bratislava

Aero Weather

Tel: +421 23266 2111
Fax: +421 23266 2110
Email: [email protected]

Aero Weather 3.5.21 fourth software evaluation (2014)

Online Weather 1.6.1 fourth software evaluation (2014)

Visual Weather 3.5.21 fourth software evaluation (2014)

Info - Electronic Systems Inc

Mr H P S Ahluwalia
1755 St Regis
Suite 100
Dollard-de-Ormeaux (Montreal)
Canada H9B 2M9


Tel: +1 514 421 0767 (extension 222)
Fax: +1 514 421 0769
Email: [email protected] or [email protected]

Met-WebGIS 1.0 fourth software evaluation (2017)

Institute of Radar Meteorology (IRAM)

Dr Tatiana Bazlova
15, p. Voejkovo,
Vsevolozhskij rajon,
Leningradskay oblast,

MeteoExpert/MeteoConsultant Applications (Russian language only)

Tel: +7 813 707 5171
Fax: +7 813 707 5592
Email: [email protected]

MeteoExpert10.2 fourth software evaluation (2014)

MapMaker Group Ltd 

Mr Alexey Solomakhov
B. Predtechensky per. 11,
Russia 123242

GIS Meteo

Tel: +7 495 255 2303
Fax: +1 646 365 3167
Email: [email protected]

MapMaker Group Ltd third software evaluation (2009) 

Meteo France International (MFI)

Meteo France International
Park Avenue
9 rue Michel Labrousse
31100 Toulouse


Tel: +33 5 6143 2940
Fax: +33 5 6143 2941
Contact Meteo France International

Meteo France International Aero Met Web v2.1 fourth software evaluation (2019)

Netsys International

Mr Isak Lombard or Tiaan Wessels

NetSys International (Pty) Ltd

P.O. Box 82  Persequor Park 0020 South Africa


Tel: +27 12 349 2056
Fax: +27 12 349 2757

[email protected]

[email protected] or [email protected]

Netsys nsGIB fourth software evaluation 2015

Telvent Netherlands BV

Mr Jacco Mulders
PO Box 422
4100 AK Culemborg


Landzichtweg 70
4105 DP Culemborg


Tel: +31 345 544080
Fax: +31 345 544099
Email: [email protected]

No evaluation available

Scope of evaluations

The evaluations denote 'high level' evaluations of functionality, and not detailed technical certifications of compliance. See the latest evaluation criteria.

a) The software evaluation process does not certify or endorse any single software application; neither does it recommend one application over another. The software evaluations are the results of software reviews that the Met Office has carried out on behalf of the ICAO SADISOPSG or METP-WG/MOG. The purpose of these reviews is to verify whether the applications can deliver certain minimum functions which the SADISOPSG considers are essential for the correct use of the WAFS and OPMET data; and

b) It remains the responsibility of the user to ensure that procured software meets their full requirements. It is not intended that the software evaluations fulfil this task. The results from the software evaluations may be used as one additional source of information to aid any procurement process but should not be viewed in isolation of other important procurement requirements.


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