The ash plume of the Semeru volcano in Iceland.

London Volcanic Ash Advisory Centre (VAAC)

Hosted and run by the Met Office from its Exeter UK headquarters, the London VAAC has specialist forecasters who produce volcanic ash advisories and guidance products using a combination of volcano data; satellite-based, ground-based and aircraft observations; weather forecast models and dispersion models. The volcanic ash forecasts are provided to the standards and tolerances set by the regulator, and support decision-making by the CAA as the lead agency, NATS and airlines.

One of 9 VAACs worldwide, London VAAC provides a reciprocal back-up facility with Toulouse VAAC, operated by Meteo France.

Current Volcanic Ash products from London VAAC and Toulouse VAAC

Map of the 9 VAACs and their respective areas of responsibility

Interactive map showing the locations of volcanic ash advisory centres across the world.