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Route optimisation

Maximise efficiency with a consultancy review of your operations and climatology

Route Optimisation is an industry leading, tailored consultancy service to help you optimise your gritting routes.

Why choose Route Optimisation?

Route Optimisation helps you plan maintenance on an operational level, and in terms of climatology, enabling you to:

  • Maximise operational efficiency by better managing resources
  • Reduce expenditure by re-organising routes to minimise 'free-running' time and mileage
  • Minimise salt usage by regrouping routes with similar climatology
  • Potentially reduce your fleet by rationalising routes without reducing the number of roads you treat

Did you know?

To make the most of the optimisation process, use Route Based Forecasts (RBF) for ongoing operational decision-making. It enables operatives to reduce the overall operational cost of winter service, through treatment on a route-by-route basis.

Case study 

Devon County Council saved in excess of £250k by reducing the number of gritting routes through Route Optimisation. Find out more in our case study: 

Optimise road maintenance activities without compromising safety.

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