Cool and unsettled

An area of low pressure positioned to the north and east of the UK through the coming days will bring a cold northerly wind that will push rain and showers southwards at times. By the end of the week a new and deeper area of low pressure will arrive from the northwest potentially bringing a more notably unsettled spell of weather for Friday.

Focusing on the next couple of days, Chief Meteorologist Steven Ramsdale said: “The start of the week has certainly seen a change in the weather as cool air and bands of rain and showers have swept southwards. Much of the next few days will see similar conditions across the UK and although it’ll feel cooler and breezier than recently, this is fairly typical autumn weather for us.”


Looking further ahead towards Friday Daniel Rudman, Deputy Chief Meteorologist added more details: “On Friday it looks as though a deeper area of low pressure will move into the northwest of the UK. This means that many can expect a more notably wet and windy spell, for a time on Friday, than we’ve seen so far this autumn. However, this is nothing unusual for the time of year.”

There is good confidence in the general trend for a cooler and unsettled week, however the details may vary.  Daniel added: “At this time of year, knock-on effects from the Atlantic tropical cyclone season can lower confidence when forecasting more than a few days ahead, and so the exact timings for rainfall and wind strengths for Friday may vary throughout the week. The best thing you can do if you’ve got outdoor plans is make sure you’re always using the most up to date forecast.”

Keep up to date if travelling 

With autumn underway it’s important to start considering how the weather may affect travelling too. Andy Butterfield, Customer Services Director for Operations at National Highways, said: “It’s always a good idea to plan your journey in advance which is particularly important if you are travelling on routes you are not familiar with.

“Checking the weather forecast before you travel can help you determine whether it might be worth delaying a journey if bad weather is forecast or at the very least to understand the traffic conditions.”

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