National Severe Weather Warning

Amber Warning

An area of low pressure will bring heavy, persistent rain to western Scotland, Northern Ireland and north west England through the start of the week. An Amber National Severe Weather Warning has been issued for parts of central and southern Scotland, where rain accumulations of up to 120mm could be reached within 24-36 hours over Tuesday and Wednesday. Further Yellow warnings are in place for Northern Ireland, a wider area of Scotland , Cumbria and north west Wales. Some of these areas had notable rainfall over the weekend, so any further rain is falling on already saturated ground bringing the risk of surface water flooding.

Strong winds

Strong winds will also funnel up through the Irish Sea. A Yellow warning for wind is in force covering the whole of Scotland and Northern Ireland as well as the far north of Wales on Tuesday, with gusts of up to 70mph possible in exposed coastal locations.

Flood risk

Chief Meteorologist Andy Page, said: “An area of low pressure to the north west of the UK will bring very wet and windy conditions to parts of Scotland, Northern Ireland and north west England through the start of the week. Up to 120mm of rain could fall in a relatively short time, bringing the risk of flooding. An Amber weather warning is in force for parts of Scotland as well as further Yellow warnings for rain and wind.

Mild temperatures

“With continued southerly winds mild temperatures are forecast for much of the UK, with highs of 14-16°C in the south and east through the week. As the system moves through by the middle of the week high pressure moves in and this will bring more settled conditions into the weekend, with good spells of sunshine it could feel like the first hints of Spring.”

Cloudy with outbreaks of rain

The front bringing the persistent rain to the north west will slowly sink south and east through Wednesday, having lost most of its energy it will be mostly cloudy with outbreaks of rain as it moves through Wales and the rest of England. Through Thursday brighter conditions will move in from the west, although further cloud and showers will affect the far north west. It will remain mild through the week, with temperatures up to 14-16°C possible primarily in the south east, though widely in double figures across much of the UK.

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