Despite the warm feel at times this week, low pressure will bring an unsettled theme with spells of rain and a risk of thunderstorms for some. In the latest Week ahead forecast, Alex Deakin said: “Looking at the bigger picture, high pressure is to the north, low pressure to the southwest. And this week is going to be a bit of a scrap between these two weather systems. Eventually, the low will win out”.

The interaction between the high and low pressure will result in some windy days too, Alex continued: “As the low squeezes up against the high, the isobars push together, suggesting at times it's going to be quite blustery”.

The start of the week will see a risk of frost overnight, and a blustery easterly wind will bring a chilly feel for some on Wednesday. However, the southwesterly winds return by Thursday, pulling warm air up from the near continent, and allowing bands of heavy showers to push across the UK.

Alex added more details for Friday: “There will be showers coming and going through the day. But, with a bit of sunshine, temperatures certainly in the southeast could be knocking on the door of 20 Celsius easily. And elsewhere, temperatures still will be well above average because the air is still coming up from the south.”