Speaking in the Met Office 10 Day Trend, Presenter and Meteorologist Alex Deakin said: “Low-pressure is going to dominate things for the next ten days, bringing spells of wet and windy weather and also some quite high temperatures.” 

Low-pressure is currently positioned far to the southwest of the UK, sending weather fronts in over the coming days. The key to this is the position of the jet stream. The unsettled nature of the forecast may require weather warnings to be issued.

Alex continued: “We’ve got this large area of low pressure. It’s a mature feature, which means it’s been around for a while. The reason it’s not shifting is because of the position of the jet stream, which is driving south through the Atlantic and creating a trough, allowing this low to mill around and driving up other weather fronts. 

“Fast forward to Monday and the pressure hasn’t really changed very much. The low has shifted a little bit further north. There’s another one spawning out in the Atlantic and the jet stream hasn’t really shifted either. So that means bands of showery rain over the next five days, with the isobars often squeezing together, bringing spells of gusty winds.” 

It’s this low pressure that’s helping to draw warmer air up from the south, even though unsettled weather will be possible through the weekend and into early next week.  

“Because of that warmer air for the next several days, it’s going to be warmer than average by day and particularly warmer than average across the south at night. Between these weather fronts, there will, at times, be spells of sunshine and when the sun is out it’s going to feel quite mild,” said Alex.  

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