The Atlantic jet stream, currently strengthened by the warm tropical air pushed northwards by Hurricane Ian, will drive an area of low pressure across the UK on Friday. The heaviest rain and strongest winds are expected across northern Scotland where a warning has been issued, however many will experience a wet and windy day on Friday.

Although Hurricane Ian is impacting the jet stream, the conditions expected in the UK are not comparable. Chief Meteorologist, Paul Gundersen, added more details on what to expect: “A spell of strong winds and heavy rain will push southeast throughout the day. The strongest winds are likely to be in northern Scotland, with gusts of 65 to 70 mph in coastal parts and perhaps 75 mph around the Northern Isles.

“As well as strong winds a band of heavy rain will affect many areas of the country, however rainfall totals are expected to build in western parts of Scotland, up to 40mm in one or two places. With potentially gale force winds in these areas as well, we are expecting some disruption to travel”

Travelling on Friday afternoon

As the rain spreads southeast on Friday afternoon and evening the winds will ease a little, however those travelling should expect some difficult driving conditions. Paul added: “In areas outside of the warning area impacts from the weather will be limited, however later in the day, parts of southeast England could experience winds of around 50mph, which may bring some disruption to ferry services in the English Channel”

RAC spokesman Rod Dennis said: “After a long period of relatively benign weather, drivers need to make sure they’re not caught off guard when this weather system sweeps in. Heavy rain and strong winds are a pretty unpleasant combination on the roads, and we advise drivers to reduce their speed and leave a larger gap between themselves and the vehicle in front."

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