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Enhancing National Climate Services (ENACTS)

The ENACTS initiative is implemented by National Meteorological and Hydrological Services and Regional Climate Centres in Africa with the support of the International Research Institute for Climate and Society (IRI) and other partners. It is designed to transform local, national and regional climate-sensitive development decisions through the widespread uptake of timely, relevant, locally enhanced and quality-assured climate information at relevant spatial and temporal scales. WISER funding was allocated to IRI to help implement ENACTS in Uganda and Kenya, and to strengthen the initiative in countries where it already exists (Ethiopia, Tanzania and Rwanda).

 IRI partnered with CARE Adaptation Learning Programme (ALP), the Columbia Data Science Institute and others to follow the impact of the 2015 El Niño in order to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the communication of the event, its potential impact and the responses.

The benefits of this project were the development of effective demand from national stakeholder communities able to understand and use information on the past, present and future climate in development decisions.


Find out more about ENACTS on the IRI website. This includes flyers produced on the countries' initiatives and training materials. You can also read the report on the Health and Climate Colloquium 2016, organised by IRI.

A health and climate workshop was held in Ethiopia in October 2016. Read the briefing note on this event here.

You can read about how ENACTS is supporting Meteo Rwanda to overcome data challenges in this case study from December 2016.

The WISER ENACTS project also supported CARE International in carrying out impact assessments on climate information services for community-based adaptation to climate change in Ethiopia and Kenya. A blog on a knowledge exchange in June 2017 is available, and the Ethiopian and Kenyan reports can be read by following the links.

ENACTS project summary

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