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Working with Westminster

The Houses of Parliament in Westminster

We support enquiries from MPs and their parliamentary researchers on a wide range of relevant issues.

Often this is a constituency level interest in severe weather impacts and the Met Office's role in issuing alerts and providing guidance to the emergency services. But we also cover issues as diverse as the UK's role in satellite observations and weather related health issues.

Some areas of information


  • UK and international climate predictions and impacts scenarios

  • Identifying and predicting the spread of animal diseases such as bluetongue and foot and mouth

UK Resilience

  • Severe weather forecasting

  • Smoke plume modelling

  • Our role in the joint Met Office-Environment Agency Flood Forecasting Centre


  • Supporting the transport sector

  • Supporting the utilities sector

  • The support we provide to critical areas of the UK economy and international trade.

International Development

  • Specific information on how weather and climate change impacts developing countries

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