Our values

Values describe our desired culture. They communicate what’s important, and what sets us apart.

These are our action-orientated values that reflect who we are and the work we do now — and in the future.  

We’re a force for good 

Our planet matters. The time is now, and we’re the people to make a difference. That’s why we take our environmental and social impact seriously. 

We're a force for good in our core products, in making sure that people stay safe and thrive, in our contribution to world understanding of climate change. But it's also about reducing our impact and looking for ways to make a positive difference to our environment and our community and for all that we do in the way of our sustainability. We're a force for good when we volunteer to organise Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) events like our Science Camps.


We’re experts by nature  

It’s in our nature to be curious - always learning and developing to do things better. We trust in each other’s expertise and take pride in being the best in our field. 

We're experts by nature across the Met Office. We're very proud to employ some world leading researchers in weather and climate science and some technologically groundbreaking thinkers. But it's not just about the science and technology. Whatever your profession, we know that Met Office people want to be the best they can. Look for where the people are who are leading and catch up and pass them and always be professional in what we do. We own our development, follow our curiosity and play to our strengths whilst valuing and respecting each other's expertise.


We live and breathe it  

Helping people make better decisions to stay safe and thrive is what we live for. Their lives guide our decisions and their trust guides our actions. 

We show genuine passion for what we do, put our purpose at the heart of all decision making and take great pride in the impact we make on people's lives every day. We consider customers and employees needs first and always act with integrity. We lived and breathed it when we assisted the government's response at the Whaley Bridge flooding event last year.


We’re better together 

Great minds don’t always think alike. And we like it that way. We believe partnerships, inclusivity and honesty make us far greater than the sum of our parts. 

We stand together, we listen, respect and support one another. We consider all perspectives and share our learnings across the organisation. We're better together when we take the time to have a random coffee with colleagues we don't yet know. The other aspect is being together with partners like our Surfers Against Sewage charity partners and other partnerships we've just started to build with people who are themselves experts in their own field and can help us be better as an organisation together with other people.


We keep evolving 

When we’re not looking up, we look ahead. We push the boundaries to make tomorrow better for our customers. Forecasting the future is one thing. Creating it is another. 

We're never satisfied with the state of the art as it is now. We don't stand still, we're always pushing ourselves to achieve more. And that's something I think you'll recognise from your colleagues across the office. We think about what our customers need today and tomorrow. We always look for a way to do it better. We try to stay adaptable, we're certainly having to do that at the moment and push the boundaries to see our ideas through. We evolved when we created an automatic weather phone line to make our forecast more accessible and reduce demand on our customer services team.