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On-site meteorologists

Our meteorologists can be placed to work at airports, airlines and air traffic controllers, side by side with operational staff. This enables your staff to ask for the latest forecast information at any time and discuss the probabilities attached to any risk.

Benefits of on-site meteorologists:

  • Proactive decision making, providing advance warning of any hazardous weather to allow for forward planning
  • Improved operational safety and reduced costs from operational downtime
  • Increased operational efficiency through contingency planning
  • Effective customer communication for specific weather events

This video explores how Met Office meteorologists work on-site at Heathrow Airport, to improve operational planning, reduce operating costs, and maximise efficiency.


"The weather has a huge effect on Heathrow's operations. Having a better understanding of it helps us make informed decisions for all departures and arrivals. We wanted a partner who could tell us the things 'we didn't know we didn't know'. What we now have is a very good partnership with people who are not just hungry for knowledge - they're dedicated to continuous improvement." Ricky Oakes, Heathrow's Winter Operations Manager

We can offer a solution to any size of airport, airline or air traffic controller at any global location. Please contact to discuss the possibilities.

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