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MetInsight® for Airlines


MetInsight® is a remote briefing service that will help you gain an understanding of any potential weather disruption to your airlines network, allowing you to plan and reduce any impacts.

This bespoke service delivered to you by our meteorologists will help you make safe and efficient decisions when preparing your operations for future weather events.


  • Reduce flight delays with improved decision making
  • Improve operational efficiency and reduce costs
  • Reduce the impacts of weather disruptions
  • Improve aircraft utilisation and crew productivity by better planning


  • Individual weather briefing tailored to your network destinations or ad hoc requirements
  • A tailored outlook for your network for up to four days ahead
  • Specialist weather briefing pack that can be circulated to all relevant departments within your organisation
  • Clarification of any areas of uncertainty

Discover how MetInsight® helped the following airlines

Titan Airways case study

Thomson ski forecast case study

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