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Last 24 hours Marine Observations

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A link to download the last 24 hour Marine Observations

This data includes observations from buoys, light vessels and coastal stations around the UK and within UK waters.

Observation parameters reported include:

  • Present weather (Definitions of codes)
  • Air Temp (degrees C)
  • Dew Pt Temp (degrees C)
  • Sea Temp (degrees C)
  • Humidity (%)
  • Wind Speed (knots)
  • Wind direction (degrees)
  • Visibility (nautical miles)
  • Pressure (hPA)
  • Wave Height (metres)
  • Wave period (seconds)

Note: not all parameters are available for all locations.

If you are looking for specific buoys, light vessels and island system names in relation to their WMO site IDs please see the UK Marine Observation Marine Observation Site IDs.

Warning notice

The datafeed provided is not part of the Maritime Safety Information system and should never be relied upon as the only means to obtain the latest forecast and warning information. Access to the service may be interrupted or delayed from time to time, updates may also be delayed. Please refer to GMDSS services, INMARSAT SafetyNET or international NAVTEX for the latest information. Users should be advised when using data derived from these web pages, to always check that the page on their screen is not from the cache. Users should use Refresh or Reload if in any doubt.

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