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UK daily site specific forecast

DataPoint Daily

A five day forecast for approximately 5,000 locations

A quality controlled datafeed of site specific, daily, 5-day forecasts for approximately 5,000 locations around the UK.

Forecast weather data

The following weather forecast data is available for each site:

  1. Wind Direction at noon (local time) (16 point compass)
  2. Wind Direction at midnight (local time) (16 point compass)
  3. Wind Speed at noon (local time) (mph)
  4. Wind Speed at midnight (local time) (mph)
  5. Wind gust at noon (local time) (mph)
  6. Wind gust at midnight (local time) (mph)
  7. Maximum Temperature (whole degrees Celsius)
  8. Minimum Temperature (whole degrees Celsius)
  9. Feels like temperature for maximum temperature (whole degrees Celsius)
  10. Feels like temperature for minimum temperature (whole degrees Celsius)
  11. Daytime Weather (Definitions of codes)
  12. Night-time weather (Definitions of codes)
  13. Relative Humidity at noon (local time) (%)
  14. Relative Humidity at midnight (local time) (%)
  15. Visibility at noon (local time) (Definitions of codes)
  16. Visibility at midnight (local time) (Definitions of codes)
  17. UV - max Definitions of codes for the day
  18. Precipitation Probability at noon (local time)
  19. Precipitation Probability at midnight (local time)

Pollen data is currently not part of the Met Office public service. However, should you wish to have access to this data please contact us on

Data time intervals

  • For the weather symbol
    • day is those hours which fall between local sunrise and sunset,
    • night is those hours which fall between and local sunset and sunrise.
  • For temperatures
    • max is the highest temperature during the time 0600-1800 UTC, and
    • min is the lowest temperature during the time 1800-0600 UTC (for comparison with observations)
  • Everything else is the local midday or midnight value.

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