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Weather extremes data

DataPoint Extreme

A link to weather extremes data

The tables provided show the national weather records. To ensure consistency, these weather records are only given for stations with standard instruments and exposure. Although some records have been broken by non-standard stations, these are not accepted as official records for this reason.

Records are provided as follows:

For temperature by country, by month and by district for the following:

  • Highest daily maximum temperature
  • Highest daily minimum temperature
  • Lowest daily maximum temperature
  • Lowest daily minimum temperature

For rainfall

  • by country, for highest 24-hour rainfall totals for a rainfall day (0900 - 0900 GMT)
  • by period, in days for UK rainfall records for consecutive rainfall days (0900 - 0900 GMT)
  • by period, in minutes for UK rainfall records for short durations (from 5 to 180 minutes)

For sunshine hours by country, for highest monthly sunshine records

For gust speed by country and district (for sites below 250m), for highest gust speed

Instructions to download data

Records can be viewed for the different parameters by selecting the appropriate tab on the Weather extremes.

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