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Mountain weather forecasts


Mountain forecasts are provided for the main mountain areas and those which have the highest visitor figures. Weather forecast information is available for the UK mountain areas of Peak District, Lake District, Snowdonia, Yorkshire Dales, Brecon Beacons, Northwest Highlands, Southwest Highlands, North Grampian and South Grampian and Southeast Highlands.

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The Premium support - Mountain area polygons for each forecast are available to download, you will need to log in using your Met Office DataPoint Username and Password.

For each area the forecast should cover:

For day one:

  • Overview
  • Risk of occurrence of a selection of hazards
  • Weather symbol summary for three hourly slots
  • Probability of precipitation

For day one and day two a detailed forecast provides:

  • Weather
  • Visibility
  • Hill Fog
  • Maximum winds above 600m East and West Highlands, 500m Lake District and Snowdonia and 400m Brecon Beacons and Peak District (800m Brecon Beacons) Yorkshire Dales
  • Temperature at valley and 900m levels (800m Brecon Beacons)
  • Freezing level
  • The latest pressure chart
  • A 'National Park Authority (NPA) information' freeform text box containing information added by the NPA, this content is optional for the NPA and therefore will not always be present.

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