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Showcase application submission criteria

Information on the criteria we will use to assess your showcase submission

Central Office of Information Guidance

To help ensure we choose the right case studies the following is based on the Central Office of Information guidelines; to develop clear criteria against which the appropriateness of a case study can be judged.

Criteria for assessment

  • Relevance of DataPoint for the specific case study
  • Its demographic relevance and synergy with the audience
  • Its ethics (e.g. child labour)
  • Its financial record, for example is the developer viable or currently under investigation by such as the Competition Commission, HMRC or Charity Commission)
  • Its relationship with the department leading the campaign, e.g. is it involved in any significant commercial negotiations with any government department?
  • Could there be any justifiable cause for complaint - from either the public or the media if the case study goes ahead?

Appropriateness of applications

Applications that will generally support and enhance our brand

  • Government/public sector: NHS, PWS related, etc.
  • Organisations associated with excellence in science & technology: Apple, IBM, Dell, Sony, Bose, etc.
  • Brands associated with being 'green': Toyota Prius, Ecover, etc.
  • Sustainable travel brands: thetrainline; rail companies, Eurostar, ferries; UK tourism
  • Charities (excluding apps which carry lobbying messages)
  • Leisure brands: Walking, cycling, skiing, sailing, surfing, climbing, etc.
  • Cultural brands: Theatres, concerts, films, books, etc.
  • Insurance companies
  • Media: BBC, Broadsheets, BBC magazines, current affairs magazines, specialist interest magazines (Coast, Good Food)

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