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Ask the expert — climate change

Julia Slingo answers your questions on climate change on the Met Office YouTube Channel

Our Chief Scientist Professor Julia Slingo answers your climate change questions.

We asked for your suggestions for questions you'd like answered on climate change, with the most popularly asked being put to our Chief Scientist, Prof. Julia Slingo. Through our website, we received more than a hundred responses.

You can see Prof. Slingo's responses, in three parts, on the  Met Office YouTube channel, or you can read the transcript. We picked questions to cover as many of your suggestions as possible - here is the final selection:

  • How do you know CO2 is responsible for the change in climate and can you prove it? And how do we know that CO2 released is from human activities?

  • Studies of past climate show temperatures rise first, then CO2 follows. How do we know that's not happening now?

  • Surely current warming is natural, as it has been in the past?

  • Can we rely on climate model predictions to tell us about the future?

  • Hasn't the Earth cooled recently and Arctic sea ice recovered?

  • Why is global warming bad - aren't there advantages?

  • What effect is there going to be on the Gulf Stream because of climate change and what would happen if it stopped?

  • Can we really stop climate change by cutting CO2 emissions?

  • What if we can't cut CO2? Is there anything else that can be done?

  • What can individuals do and what is the Government doing to prepare?

  • Does 'climategate' (hacking of data at the Climatic Research Unit at the University of East Anglia) undermine climate science in any way?

If you have more questions about the science of climate change, you can find out more in our Climate (redirect to climate guide).

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