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The impact of weather and climate on the energy network

Met Office exhibits at Low Carbon Networks Fund Conference 2013, Brighton - 13 - 14 November, stand number S6

The Met Office will discuss and demonstrate its Industry services and innovative solutions for the low carbon sector at the Low Carbon Networks (LCN) Fund Conference, to help the industry understand the significant impact of weather conditions on the Energy.

The energy network is sensitive to weather conditions - particularly temperature and wind. The Met Office's services are designed to provide a detailed risk analysis of these impacts, so networks can model renewable energy supply, weather related customer demand and future impacts on the network.

The range of solutions from the Met Office to support low carbon network projects include:

  • Climate analysis specific to a location, region or country, to facilitate the understanding of local climate and how this may impact on the network.
  • Analysis of the occurrence of varying weather parameters at different times to show the impact on renewable supply.
  • Dynamic line rating studies to determine the carrying capacity of the power line in certain weather conditions, enabling networks to effectively balance supply and demand and make optimum use of the energy network.
  • Extreme value analysis to help determine the likelihood of a weather event happening and being more extreme than previously experienced at a particular location, to help companies determine the risk of unpredictable demand.
  • Forecast services to help manage future impacts, and a longer term outlook to help inform climate mitigation and adaptation policies.

Michelle Spillar, Head of Utilities at the Met Office, said: "A key benefit for the energy sector is understanding weather related demand. However, as part of the low carbon transformation of the energy network, it's also vital that weather and climate impacts are understood, if as an industry we're to improve network efficiency and future-proof against climate change."

At LCN, Met Office experts will discuss solutions and best practice for managing energy networks and mitigating the risk of extreme weather, and explore the role of tailored forecast services and warning systems.

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