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Met Office training dates for renewable energy professionals announced

The Met Office announces December and January dates for its specialist meteorology training courses for renewable energy professionals.

The Renewable energy - introduction to meteorology for wind energy professionals course aims to help those in the onshore and offshore Renewable energy industry better understand and interpret meteorological information. Developed by the Met Office College, the course helps participants to optimise operations and site safety.

The training is made up of a variety of modules, the first covering weather regimes and fronts. Participants will examine what drives our weather, learn about air masses and study their implication for wind demand and maintenance activities. Participants will also explore how hazardous weather conditions can threaten wind farm operations.

Modules also include localised wind effects, topography, sea states, tide analysis and observing how waves form. Delegates will learn about various forecasting methods and how probabilities allow better evaluation of confidence.

The two day course allows time for detailed explanations and practical exercises.

Courses are scheduled for:

3 - 4 December 2013 - Met Office, Edinburgh
14 - 15 January 2014 - Holiday Inn Express, Swindon West
21 - 22 January 2014 - Birmingham Civil Justice Centre

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