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Snow and rain to bring more disruption

As forecast, snow has fallen across much of central and northern Britain - bringing disruption in some areas. Met Office forecasters are expecting a wintry mix of rain, sleet and snow over southwestern parts of the UK overnight and on Tuesday.

The battle between the cold air over the UK and mild air trying to push in from the Atlantic brings the risk of both rain and snow from the west overnight. Rain falling onto frozen surfaces raises the risk of ice in some areas, while snow could again bring disruption to south Wales and parts of western England.

Severe weather warnings have been issued for the ice and snow. Amber warnings remain in place for heavy snow across the higher ground of northeast England and eastern Scotland, where the snow will drift in the strong easterly winds.

Yellow warnings are in place for ice and snow across parts of south Wales and western England, and the public are advised to keep up to date with the latest forecasts and warnings and plan ahead if they are travelling.

Martin Young, Met Office Chief Forecaster, said: "The atmosphere is finely balanced across southwestern areas of Britain, with some places likely to see heavy rain and others heavy snow on Tuesday.

"There is some uncertainty about exactly where the boundary between rain, sleet and snow will lie and everyone should continue to be aware of the risk of severe weather and plan ahead for possible travel delays and disruption to transport."

Met Office weather warnings help you plan and prepare for the impacts of severe weather. An amber warning means you need to be prepared for the weather and to take steps to change your plans and protect you, your family and your community from the impacts of the severe weather.

The wintry conditions will continue through the rest of the week but most places will be dry. There will be sharp night frosts and temperatures are not expected to rise much above freezing by day, meaning it will stay icy in many areas.

By thinking ahead we can all be better prepared for severe weather. Throughout the winter, the Met Office works with Get ready for winter to help keep the country safe, well and on the move.

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