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Temporis Wind saves time and money with Met Office Virtual Met Mast™

Temporis Wind has chosen the Met Office's Virtual Met Mast™ for 200 of its sites across the UK

Temporis Wind, a developer, funder and operator of single wind turbines, has chosen the Met Office's Virtual Met Mast™ for 200 of its sites across the UK. Temporis Wind is using the site-specific, hub-height wind prediction solution to provide accurate, reliable and fast site assessments to its customers.

"Intelligent" Virtual Met Mast™ and Virtual Met Mast Plus™ provides Temporis Wind sites with average wind resource assessments and wind statistics to assist financial proposals and protect landowners' warranties. This includes complex assessments where the nature of the land and proximity to the coast often makes it much harder to assess the wind resource.

The key benefit of the Met Office's Virtual Met Mast™ is its ability to provide fast and accurate site assessments, enabling banks and funders to make crucial decisions on investments, without having to incur further costs and time. The availability of accurate data has helped Temporis Wind complete orders for wind turbines in much shorter timeframes, saving money and time.

Ian Johnston, Chief Operating Officer for Temporis Wind, says, "The Met Office played a critical role in providing a high level of certainty and robust methods for the wind resource assessment of our sites. This has allowed Temporis to make sound investment decisions and to progress projects at speed without the costs and time delays associated with on-site anemometry."

Temporis Wind was able to halt work at around 80 sites after accurate site assessments by the Met Office's Virtual Met Mast™ highlighted inconsistencies in the on-site wind resource, before further feasibility studies and planning applications were commissioned at a cost of up to £50,000 per site.

Rob Harrison, Met Office Head of Renewables, says, "We were commissioned by Temporis Wind to complete Virtual Met Mast™ reports for over 200 potential sites and estimated around 40 per cent of its projects would not be financially viable due to the low wind resource on-site. This saved the business thousands of pounds, whilst also helping Temporis Wind to invest with confidence in the 60 per cent of sites with strong wind resource."

Met Office Virtual Met Mast™ key features:

A site specific wind analysis tool to provide fast and accurate wind farm site screening.

  • 23 year climatology including average annual wind speed with associated certainty values.
  • Finely modelled to maintain atmospheric integrity and site specific detail, down to 100m resolution.
  • Incorporates extreme wind speeds including maximum 3 second gusts and 10 minute average.
  • A wind frequency distribution analysis.
  • Hourly time series data.
  • Increased certainty of long-term wind resource.
  • Quick decision making - receive wind resource estimates in days rather than months.
  • Accurate wind assessments in areas where no reliable wind data is available.

Temporis Wind is a dedicated developer, owner and operator of 100kW to 1.5MW wind energy projects in the UK. Temporis Wind handles all aspects of the project from feasibility study through to planning consent, project financing, commissioning and ongoing maintenance.

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