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Experts gather for workshop on weather and climate forecasting

This week the Met Office is hosting one of the largest scientific conferences in its history, with over 250 delegates from 28 different countries.

The workshop aims to increase understanding and improve weather and climate models that are used by meteorologists and climate scientists around the world.

The workshop is being organised by the 4th WGNE workshop on systematic errors in weather and climate models (WGNE), which is part of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), and will look at any timescale from short range NWP (numerical weather prediction) through to multi-centennial climate simulations. This aim of looking across timescales fits closely with the Met Office's unified modelling approach, developed over many years.

The workshop will explore the areas of:

  • Tropical processes such as convective processes, El Nino Southern Oscillation and tropical cyclones
  • Mid-latitude processes such as the evolution of depressions and anticyclones, storm tracks and blocking
  • Sea ice and polar processes
  • Clouds, aerosols and radiation
  • Land surface processes
  • Ocean processes and ocean-atmosphere interactions
  • Stratospheric processes and stratosphere-troposphere interactions
  • Holistic model evaluation and metrics

Keith Williams, Met Office Manager of Model Evaluation and chair of the workshop, said: "There have been significant improvements in climate and weather models in recent years. It is hoped that, with help and expertise from influential speakers around the World, this workshop will provide a greater understanding and further improve model performance."

In turn this means that the Met Office can offer better advice, guidance and support to the public, emergency responders, aviation, commercial and defence sectors, and help us all plan, prepare and protect ourselves and others from the impacts of weather and climate.

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