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Met Office scientists at European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) Conference

Met Office experts will demonstrate how in-depth scientific research and investment in solutions can help with seasonal forecasting and wind speed prediction at the annual European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) Conference.

Met Office Head of Renewable energy, Michelle Spillar will examine how the financial risks around building and running wind farms can be reduced through realistic, detailed knowledge of the likely wind speeds over a range of timescales.

In her presentation, Michelle will demonstrate how recent advances allow us to make detailed assessments of wind variability on decadal timescales, reducing the financial uncertainty over the lifetime of an asset; and how advances in seasonal forecasting are allowing for the first time skillful forecasts of winter wind speeds over Europe.

Michelle's presentation entitled 'State of the art wind speed assessments: seasonal forecasting and decadal variability', forms part of the 'Wind Speed Predictions: Are we at the limit of our knowledge or can we improve?' from 11.15 - 12.45 on Wednesday 12 March 2014.

Met Office scientists will take part in the poster sessions at EWEA.

Dr Clive Wilson, Manager of Mesoscale Model Development at the Met Office, presents a poster session on 'Wind trends and variability from reanalyses and their validation using conventional and elevated wind observations'.

Clive's poster sits within the conference session 'Wind Speed Predictions: Are we at the limit of our knowledge or can we improve?' between 11.15 - 12.45 on Wednesday 12 March and the posters will be presented from 12.45 directly after the session.

Karen Walter, Applied Scientist in the Renewable Applications team at the Met Office, presents her poster session 'The model chain: Pushing the limits of numerical models'.

Karen's poster is part of the conference session 'The model chain: First steps towards tomorrow's technology' from 10.30 - 11.15 on Thursday 13 March and the posters will be presented directly after the session.

Meet the Met Office team on our stand 6B23 where Met Office experts will demonstrate our range of wind energy services which cover each stage of a wind asset's business life cycle, including:

  • "Intelligent" Virtual Met Mast™ and Virtual Met Mast Plus™: a site-specific wind analysis model-based tool to provide fast and accurate wind farm site screening.
  • VisualEyes™: an intuitive, web-based weather alert system designed in conjunction with the industry to help manage wind farm assets.
  • Weather forecasting for power prediction: a site-specific weather forecasting service, with enhanced output accuracy, to help generators make more accurate predictions of energy generation from wind farm assets.
  • Safesee™: a web-based forecast and weather alert delivery system for offshore wind farms, which makes weather information easier to interpret and aids operational decision making.

The Met Office team will be available to talk about each of the solutions, their application and benefits to the Renewable energy.

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