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Heavier downpours and climate change - Implications for flood risk management

The Met Office will be discussing climate change and the implications for the UK water industry at the upcoming Sustainable Water Event.

Previous research suggests that both rainfall and rainfall intensity could be increasing as a result of Drivers and impacts of the seasonal weather in the UK, with extreme daily rainfall becoming slightly more frequent. This is most notable during the winter season, although there is also evidence of heavier downpours during the summer too.

These extremes are impacting the Leakage and water distribution, from widespread river and surface water Flood services, which threatens treatment works and other assets, to property flooding from overloaded sewers. Mitigating against flood risks and proactively managing operational issues as a result of flooding is key to water companies.

The implications for the UK water industry will be discussed at Sustainable Water 2014, in the breakout session on Wednesday 24 September, 'Flood risk management - how to deliver multiple benefits'.

Steven Wade, Principal Consultant at the Met Office, will cover the implications for flood risk management in the water industry as a result of predicted heavier summer downpours coupled with climate change. The session will also include presentations from the Committee on Climate Change and a water company, who will give their perspective on flood risk management.

The Met Office will also be showcasing its bespoke climate consultancy services at Exhibition Stand 1.

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