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The impact of weather and climate on the water industry

As part of the Planning for Climate Change at Efficient Water Distribution between the 5th and 6th of February, the Met Office's Utilities Scientific Consultant, Tom Francis, will present and discuss modelling variations in climate and weather related leakage providing case studies from within the industry.

Leakage can account for up to 30% of the total annual distribution input across a water company's network. Historically, Leakage has been extremely difficult for water companies to quantify or forecast accurately across Leakage and water distribution, because of the large weather dependency. Understanding this weather dependency enables accurate modelling and reporting of the leakage.

The Met Office will showcase its range of winter water services at the event. One of five models, the Met Office's leakage model assesses and predicts the influence of weather on leakage, which is known to particularly increase in periods of winter weather. The model allows for the close management of weather related leakage, on a week by week basis, enabling the water company to monitor and review its leakage strategy and expenditure on leakage reduction work can be set against levels of risk.

Tom says, "Modelling can enable water companies to monitor their networks, forecast trends and analyse actual and predicted future events tailored to their specific network characteristics. For the water company that equates to cost savings across water resources' strategy and operations."

Meet the Met Office experts at Efficient Water Distribution to discuss the benefits of our weather intelligence models.

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