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Summers mixed weather continues

Hot sunshine in places on Saturday is expected to give way to thunderstorms, hail and very heavy rain in some areas

The weather over the next few days is continuing the changeable theme we have seen through much of this summer. Hot sunshine in places today is expected to give way to thunderstorms, hail and very heavy rain in some areas from this afternoon onwards and into the early part of next week.

Met Office meteorologists are expecting Saturday's hot sunshine across some southern and eastern parts of Britain to raise temperatures to a humid 30 to 32 C, most likely from London to the East Midlands and Lincolnshire. Across the northwest of the UK the weather is fresher and mainly dry with some sunshine, while a band of cloud covers the area between with some rain.

Satellite image 1230 BST Saturday 22 August 2015

The high temperatures in the south are expected to set off some thunderstorms on Saturday afternoon and evening bringing the risk of localised flash flooding, lightning, gusty winds and hail.

Heavy downpours are forecast to move into the west overnight beginning to clear from the south on Sunday. Further north on Sunday, there will be some warm sunshine but also very gusty winds, especially over the hills.

The changeable weather will continue as we head into next week.

Frank Saunders, Met Office Chief Operational Meteorologist, said: "After some hot summer sunshine this weekend we're expecting a very disturbed spell of weather with the potential for some very heavy rain and strong, gusty winds at times.

"Met Office Severe weather warnings have been issued and everyone is encouraged to keep up to date with forecasts and warnings over the next few days and to make plans accordingly."

Nick Hopwood, national duty flood manager at the Environment Agency, said: "Heavy rainfall on Saturday evening and into Sunday brings the risk of surface water flooding to some areas. Rivers may also respond to persistent rainfall on Sunday through to Monday. If you're driving away or back from your summer holidays, as always, please do not drive through flood water.

"Check your flood risk on our website, especially if you're holidaying in an area where you're not familiar with the flood risk. We are monitoring the situation closely and supporting local authorities who will respond to any reports of surface water flooding. Our teams are out on the ground working hard, clearing trash screens and blockages in watercourses and culverts."

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