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Warm and dull November

Provisional statistics show that November 2015 was the dullest on record and also quite warm.

Provisional statistics* show that for the UK, November has been the dullest on record with figures going back to 1929, and the dullest month since January 2013. Only 36.6 hours of sunshine were recorded, which is 64% of the long term average (1981-2010).

  • Wales was particularly cloudy, recording only 32.5 hours of sunshine, making it the dullest on record too.
  • England recorded 38 hours of sunshine, making it the second dullest on record behind 1934 (37.3 hours).
  • Scotland (35.1 hours) and Northern Ireland (38.4 hours) faired better compared to average (77 % and 71 % of average respectively).

November 2015 sunshineNovember 2015 mean temps

It has also been a mild month, with a UK mean temperature of 8.2 °C, 2.0 °C above the November average. However, both November 1994 (8.8 °C) and 2011 (8.7 °C) were warmer.

For the individual nations, it was the third warmest on record in England, second warmest in Wales, seventh warmest in Scotland and fourth warmest in Northern Ireland.

Of particular note was the temperature of 22.4 °C recorded at Trawsgoed, Ceridigion in Wales on 1 November and a remarkable overnight temperature of 16.1 °C at Murlough, County Down in Northern Ireland on 9-10 November.

Apart from a short but marked cold spell on 21- 23 November there has been an absence of frosts in almost all areas, largely because of a humid, cloudy south-westerly airflow. This has led to the low levels of sunshine, especially in the south and west of the UK. Rainfall has been above average across most areas, but most notably across upland areas of north-west Wales, north-west England and southern Scotland where totals are almost twice the amount expected for November. There have also been a number of very windy episodes, including the impact of storms UK Storm Centre.

It was provisionally the second wettest November in Scotland (behind 2009, 262 mm) and the fourth wettest in Northern Ireland.

November 2015 rainfall

Provisional November 2015 statistics
Provisional November 2015

Mean Temperature

Sunshine duration


ActualAnomaly (1981-2010)ActualAnomaly (1981-2010)ActualAnomaly (1981-2010)
deg Cdeg Chours%mm%
N Ireland7.91.538.471184.1164

November marks the end of autumn. The first two months of the season were generally quiet and settled with high pressure often bringing dry, sunny conditions, this is in contrast to a mild and cloudy November. As often happens the contrasting character of the months resulted in overall seasonal statistics which are fairly unremarkable. You can find out what the rest of the year has been like on our UK climate.

Find out how we take weather observations in this How we take observations.

*Data from the Met Office's UK digitised records dating back to 1910. Please note that these provisional figures, especially for rainfall and sunshine, are subject to revision. Anomalies are expressed relative to the 1981-2010 averaging period.

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