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The Met Office helps improve the efficiency of offshore wind farms

The Met Office is producing more detailed wind forecasts for offshore wind farms

The Met Office is supplying new modelled datasets for the UK's offshore wind resource to The Crown Estate.

The new data produced by the Renewable energy is more accurate than previous modelled datasets and backed up by 30 years of historic data. It provides a higher resolution picture of the UK's offshore wind resource that will help to inform offshore wind farm planning and development.

The UK has more offshore wind turbines than the whole of the rest of Europe put together and is on course to meet around ten per cent of the UK's electricity demand by 2020. As an active manager of the UK seabed, The Crown Estate has a major role to play in identifying the common challenges facing the industry and putting them on the agenda to help bring down costs and ensure the UK remains the most attractive place to invest in offshore wind..

By making the dataset freely available on their Marine Data Exchange, The Crown Estate hopes to contribute towards the sustainable development of the seabed, to unlock value and help reduce the costs of offshore wind for the industry.

Patrick Sachon, Head of Renewables at the Met Office said: "We are pleased to work with The Crown Estate to use our modelling expertise and high performance computing capabilities to support the UK offshore wind industry. We hope this dataset will be used extensively by the industry; increasing understanding of our offshore wind resource and enabling it to be exploited fully"

This modelled data builds upon the recently published on-site offshore wind measurement data published by The Crown Estate and adds to the major collection of surveys and technical information already available through the Marine Data Exchange.

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