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Cold and windy Bonfire Night

The UK is likely to experience some cold weather this weekend as air from northern Scandinavia spreads across the country.

An area of low pressure moving down the North Sea will bring strong winds to the east coast as well as the lower temperatures. Combined with the strong winds, it will feel cold for large parts of the UK but particularly over north and east coastal counties on Saturday evening when people may be out and about celebrating Bonfire Night.

Scattered showers are expected across the UK and especially around coastal areas where some could be heavy. In the north of England and in Scotland these showers could fall as snow on the hills.

It’s not all a negative outlook though; there will be fair weather in large parts of the UK, with clear crisp conditions mostly inland, where widespread frosts are likely to feature. 

Chief Meteorologist Frank Saunders said:

“A cold airmass will affect the UK this weekend, taking our temperatures down another notch. Daytime temperatures are likely to be in single figures across much of the UK, bringing us slightly below the average for this time of year.

“We’re also expecting strong winds to feature down the East coast of England which will make it feel even colder. Towards the end of the weekend and into Monday we are keeping an eye on the potential for some heavy rain and strong winds in the South East.”

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