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Cold weather continues until later this week

Many places will continue to experience the cold this week ahead of a change in the weather towards the weekend

After a cold weekend for many with frost, ice and some sleet and snow in places, the cold weather looks like continuing for the majority of this working week before milder air spreads eastwards across the UK from the Atlantic.

The weather will be fairly settled over the coming few days as high pressure over Central Europe extends across the UK, maintaining the cold feel but also leading to mostly dry conditions.

Forecast chart for midday on Wednesday 20th January 2016

There will be spells of sunshine, the best of these across the south of the UK, while cloudier skies across the north and west could bring some patchy rain, sleet or snow. By day, in the sunshine combined with light winds it will feel pleasant, whereas overnight, with temperatures dipping below freezing, frost will be widespread with a risk of ice and also some freezing fog patches. Keep up to date with the UK forecast and also see our Severe weather warnings to make sure you are aware of those areas most at risk of impacts from these winter conditions.

Towards the end of the week it looks likely that milder air from the Atlantic will push the cold air out of the way, allowing a return to changeable, less cold weather. Eastern parts of the UK will hold on to the dry and cold weather for the longest.

Later on Thursday and into Friday, southerly winds will strengthen and cloud increase as a weather front arrives from the west eventually bringing a spell of rain to all parts. As the milder air bumps into the colder air this could lead to a brief spell of wintry precipitation - a mix of rain, sleet and snow - but this will be quite localised and more likely over high ground, with ice also a potential hazard. Although temperatures should rise towards the weekend and return to somewhere around or a little above average, it may still feel cold with rather cloudy, dull skies and brisk winds.

Temperature contrast across the UKTemperature contrast later this week

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