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New STV weather

STV first UK broadcaster to go live with new Met Office weather graphics

A new look weather service launches on Monday 22 August 2016 on STV. Featuring on all three STV channels, the new service provided by the Met Office will showcase innovative weather graphics powered by accurate weather forecast information.

STV presenter and meteorologist Sean Batty will present the first new look weather bulletin during the morning on Monday.

Sean Batty - STV weather presenter said:

"I'm so excited to be able to share with our viewers the new look weather graphics that we've been keeping under wraps until now. We're delighted to be continuing our relationship with the Met Office to bring viewers the latest weather graphics and the most accurate forecasts.

"In the coming weeks and months viewers will see a lot of changes and new graphics which will make the weather forecasts more colourful and fun than ever before. I've also worked hard to make my new forecasts the most interactive on television. Viewers will be able to send tweets which will occasionally appear on the maps, along with pictures from photographers on our new Flickr page. There will also be a lot of new online content.

"While I can't guarantee better weather, my new weather graphics are sure to brighten up the dullest days."

Using the new high resolution graphics software, 'Visual Cortex', Sean will take the audience on a weather journey through the amazing Scottish landscape; flying through the weather to help everyone understand what it will be like where they are when it matters.

Tom Shapland, Head of Media and Content Partnerships said:

"We are excited to be working with STV for another 5 years. They are the first UK broadcaster to use our new graphics software, Visual Cortex, which will deliver fascinating weather presentations to TV screens in Scotland - we hope Scottish audiences will love it!

"STV will also continue to receive our world leading forecasts and our Severe Weather Warnings via our new flagship data service - the Public Weather Media Service, so that everyone can plan, prepare and stay safe in times of severe weather."

The new visualisation software, 'Visual Cortex' has been developed with our partner Presentation Cartography and offers a new way of experiencing the weather forecast using graphics which are striking and engaging.

As well as displaying accurate weather forecast information, the Visual Cortex software also uses data from the newly launched Media services (PWMS), which is a package of public weather service information for the UK and includes weather warnings, observations, guidance, scripts and other services. This additional information will ensure that people living, working and visiting Scotland are prepared, whatever the weather and ensure their safety.

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