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Further snow for some this weekend

As we head into the weekend parts of the UK are once again expecting freezing conditions and snow and a number of National Severe Weather Warnings are in place.

Heavy snow showers have fallen across parts of northern England, Northern Ireland and Scotland throughout Friday bringing some disruption, particularly to southern parts of Scotland.

Further snow showers are likely, but ice will become the main hazard across Northern Ireland, Scotland and northern England during Friday night.

A band of rain, with some hill snow on the northern edge, will move east across southern parts of Northern Ireland, Wales, central and southern areas of England during Saturday.

Met Office Chief Forecaster, Andy Page, said: “After another frosty night on Saturday night,  with a very severe frost over snow cover in Scotland, there could be some more snow ahead of a band of rain leading to a risk of some disruption during Sunday, with high level routes across the Pennine and the Southern Uplands are likley to be affected so plan ahead for delays or longer journeys.”

A spell of heavy rain is also likely in some western areas during Sunday, with the worst expected in parts of west Wales giving rise to a risk of flooding here. There is also concern for parts of Northern Ireland where the heavy rain could combine with melting snow to produce localised flooding.

Next week starts with milder conditions leading to a continued thaw of lying snow and further bands of potentially heavy rain arriving from the west at times.

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