A man downloading data on his laptop.

Download UKCP18 data

Before you start using the data

Find out what you need to be aware of before using UKCP18 datasets in UKCP18 Guidance: Caveats and Limitations [787KB].

Data availability, access and formats

Find out which datasets are available through the UKCP User Interface and CEDA Data Catalogue, how you can access them and their formats in UKCP18 Guidance: Data availability, access and formats [1.5MB].


A series of short documents summarising key results for a number of variables and metrics available through UKCP18.

UKCP User Interface

Register, download data and customise visualisations at the UKCP User Interface.

CEDA Data Catalogue

Search for UKCP18 datasets not available at the UKCP User Interface in the CEDA Data Catalogue. Note that this is for users who are familiar with handling large climate datasets.


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