A man downloading data on his laptop.

Download and view UKCP18 data

Before you start using UKCP18 data

Everything you need to be aware of when using UKCP18 datasets, including caveats, limitations and how to use the data.

UKCP18 data availability, access and formats

Find out what data is available for download and how you can access it.

UKCP18 factsheets and key results

We produce a series of short documents, which summarise the key results for a number of UKCP18 variables and metrics.  These are all listed on our Guidance, factsheets and science reports page, which can be accessed here.  


UK Climate Projections User Interface

If you would like to download additional data or plots not available on the UKCP key results page, use the UK Climate Projections User Interface. When registered, you can customise visualisations for your region of interest and download UKCP data for the UK. 

Register, download data and customise your visualisations from UKCP.


CEDA Data Catalogue

Some datasets are not available in the UKCP User Interface. Details of all UKCP datasets can be found on the CEDA Catalogue. This is an online database of climate data held by the Centre for Environmental Data Analysis.

You can find UKCP data on the CEDA Catalogue that is not available on the UKCP User Interface, such as data for other parts of the world for UKCP Global (60km), UKCP Regional (12km) and the storm surge case studies. Further information is available in UKCP18 guidance: Data availability, access and formats (PDF - 1.5MB).

Please note, this should only be accessed by users that are familiar with handling large climate datasets.