UKCP technical notes

UKCP Local Transient projections – FAQs

The initial UKCP Local (2.2km) projections, that were released in September 2019 and updated in July 2021, provided data for three 20-year periods (1981-2000, 2021-2040 and 2061-2080). The latest update, released in March 2023, provides additional transient projections for the two time periods 2001-2020 and 2041-2060. UKCP Local now consists of a continuous 100-year dataset spanning historical, present and future climate. Further information is available on the project news webpage update on 30 March 2023. The following document provides FAQs on the update:

Update to UKCP Probabilistic Projections

The UKCP Probabilistic Projections were updated in August 2022, for more information on the release, please refer to the project news webpage update on 4 August 2022. The following document provides FAQs on the update:


Clipping and baseline advice on Land Strand 1 data

This note covers characteristics of the probabilistic projections data, such as clipping at extreme ends of the distributions and non-zero sum of anomalies during the baseline period.

The elicitation of distributions of parameters in HadGEM3 versions GA4 and GA7

This note provides more detail about the perturbed parameter set of global projections.

UKCP Local Update: FAQs

A set of frequently asked questions relating to the update, following the correction of the graupel coding error. 

During the development of the UKCP Local Update the following FAQ was produced, which has now been superseded. 

UKCP Local: Graupel

A technical note document relating to the UKCP Updates news announcement on 24 September 2020. 


Updates to UKCP sea levels datasets

An update to the UKCP Marine sea level datasets has been released, with full details available on the project news webpage update of 14th March 2023. A technical note related to the update: