Weather and Climate Science for Service Partnership (WCSSP) programme science workshop

On the 23rd and 24th of September 2019 the first WCSSP Programme Science Workshop took place at Church House in London. The event was successful in celebrating the network of partnerships formed under the programme. Attendees included representatives of UK Government, WCSSP partners from China, South Africa, Brazil, Southeast Asia (Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia & Vietnam) and India, UK partners (e.g. Reading University, HSE, UKCEH and the University of Leeds), other Newton Fund Delivery Partners (e.g. STFC and NERC), the Met Office and observers who have an interest in joining the programme. 
The keynote speech was delivered by Sir Patrick Vallance, Chief Scientific Advisor to the UK Government, who shared positive words about the WCSSP programme and how it is responding to the challenges of a changing climate and the frequency of high impact weather events. Professor Stephen Belcher, Met Office Chief Scientist, expanded on the global threat of climate change and how the science community is harnessing expertise to build resilience, delivering science to services. Tom Child, Deputy Director of Global Research & Innovation, introduced the UK Government’s Newton Fund and its goal to address global challenges. Senior representatives from each country partner presented on the weather and climate challenges they are facing, the expertise their institutes have and the achievements made through collaborative working in the WCSSP programme.  
On day 2, WCSSP partners from across the programme reflected on shared weather and climate science priorities and considered ways to work together across the five WCSSP projects, building on the success of the WCSSP programme and harnessing scientific expertise through collaboration. This led to discussions on how the programme can translate science to services and reduce the global impact of the changing climate together.

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Day 1 - Monday 23rd September

KEYNOTE SPEECH: The Challenge  - Sir Patrick Vallance, Chief Scientific Advisor to the UK Government

Responding to The Challenge – Professor Stephen Belcher, Met Office

Weather & Climate Science for Service Partnership (WCSSP) – Dr Kirstine Dale, Met Office

Country Partner Messages:

CSSP China - Professor Guoxiong Wu, IAP

CSSP Brazil - Dr Osvaldo Moraes, CEMADEN

WCSSP India - Professor Ravi Nanjundiah, IITM

Building a community to address the challenge, Examples of work in:

CSSP China - Dr. Zhang Peiqun, CMA & Professor Adam Scaife, Met Office

WCSSP South Africa - Stephanie Landman, SAWS & Professor Rosa Barciela, Met Office

CSSP Brazil – Dr Gilvan Sampaio de Oliveria, INPE & Dr Chris Jones, Met Office

WCSSP Southeast Asia – Muhammad Helmi bin Abdullah, Met Malaysia, Dwikorita Karnawati, BMKG Indonesia & Dr Andy Hartley, Met Office

WCSSP India - Dr Ashis K Mitra & Professor Sean Milton, Met Office

Examples of activities spanning the WCSSP projects: Hazard of Great El Nino’s – Professor Adam Scaife, Met Office

Day 2 - Tuesday 24th September

Shared Science Priorities When Meeting the Challenge & Our Plan to Work Together to Address the Challenge - Facilitated by Professor Simon Vosper, Met Office