Old, yellowed papers marked with cursive handwriting, with a magnifying glass resting on the top.

Ten year rainfall books

There is one folder per ten years for each location, giving monthly rainfall totals. The data has been transcribed from a variety of sources including the rainfall cards. The arrangement of forms varies across the series but is essentially by geographical area i.e. county or rain number (a rain number is allocated to each Met Office rain gauge).

Page from one of the ten year rainfall books.

Most useful for

These books are a very useful source if you want to look at rainfall for a location over a long period of time.

Things to bear in mind

The forms are not always logically arranged and it can take some time to find the location you are seeking. For earlier periods (pre 20th century) stations cannot always be precisely located and often only the town will be given although there is far greater accuracy after this time.

Data can also start and stop at any time so you may have to combine information from several locations in order to put together longer series of information.

Data sets are not always complete, particularly for early periods and you may find an absence of data for several months or even years at a time.