An external view of the Met Office building at night.

Dr Bjoern Hendrik Fock

Areas of expertise

  • Collaborations between NWP centres

  • Model development and deployment

  • Knowledge and technology transfer

Current activities

Bjoern Hendrik is a member of the Unified Model Partnership team and supports partners using and developing the Unified Model. The focus of his work is support for partners, which use the Unified Model for operational weather forecasts.

Support activities include providing/organising

  • Customized data and software for UM implementations at partner organisations 
  • Investigations of model problems and forecast quality with UM Partners
  • Scientific and technical advice to partners
  • Collaboration between UM Partners
  • Training and mentoring of new model users within the UM Partnership
  • Scientific workshops for the UM Partnership

Another important part of Bjoern's role is facilitating the knowledge flow from UM Partner organisations towards Met Office’s science and models, to harvest the synergy effects possible by shared development and deployment of the Unified Model.

When partnership work allows, Bjoern contributes to our other research and to our science communication activities.

Career background

Bjoern Hendrik is an atmospheric scientist and has an academic background in mesoscale and sub-mesoscale modelling. He worked in Germany at the University of Hamburg on questions related to urban climate, convective boundary layers, environmental meteorology and applied marine science, before joining the Met Office in 2014. His last project in Hamburg was the development of a regional coupled atmosphere / sea-ice / ocean model as a component of an Arctic ship routing system.

He studied meteorology at the University of Hamburg and the University of Oklahoma and wrote his PhD thesis about large eddy simulation and urban climate.