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Dr Victoria Chapman

Victoria leads a team of rail consultants who deliver bespoke weather and climate solutions for the rail industry. Over the last 14 years, Victoria has delivered a range of weather and climate change consultancy projects for various industries. She is a weather expert and scientific advisor on low adhesion, leaf fall and wind throw projects for the rail sector. She currently holds an Honorary Senior Research Fellowship at the University of Birmingham, and is a member of the RSSB Adhesion Research Group.

Areas of expertise

Victoria's areas of expertise include:

  • Leaf fall/ low adhesion consultancy and operational delivery
  • Wind throw consultancy and operational delivery
  • Weather and climate impacts on rail
  • Climate change
  • Spatial analysis
  • Model development for a range of applications
  • Remote sensing
  • Geographical Information Systems
  • Project management

Current activities

Victoria's main research interest is the development and delivery of leaf fall, low adhesion and wind throw research for the railways and other sectors. She is currently working on a number of consultancy projects to deliver innovative science and technology in this area. She also supervises PhD and Masters students, investigating a range of weather and climate impacts on GB railways.

Career background

Victoria is a managing scientific consultant, who as part of her association with Birmingham Centre for Railway Research and Education, holds an Honorary Senior Research Fellowship at the University of Birmingham.

Victoria joined the Met Office in 2007 as senior scientist working on bespoke weather and climate consultancy projects in the agriculture, transport, energy and water industries.  Prior to joining the Met Office Victoria worked for an environmental consultancy as a GIS and Business Developer Consultant, delivering a variety of projects for national government, regulatory and corporate clients.

Victoria has held various postdoctoral research positions at Birmingham and Oxford University. Projects worked on include:- assessing snow and light rainfall from space (European Space Agency); modelling railway temperatures to assess railway buckling (RSSB) and mapping West Nile Virus risk in the UK (Defra).

Victoria was awarded her PhD on the assessment of passive microwave rainfall estimates from the Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission (TRMM) at the University of Birmingham. She has a Masters of Science degree in Applied Meteorology and Climatology with distinction (University of Birmingham) and a 1st Class Honours Degree in Geography and Environmental Science (University of Birmingham).


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