Dr Chris Short

Areas of expertise

  • Regional modelling
  • Model evaluation
  • Tropical cyclones

Publications by Chris Short

Current activities

Chris is a member of the Regional Model Evaluation and Development (RMED) team, whose main duties are to test and develop Regional Atmosphere (RA) configurations of the Unified Model.

Chris is responsible for a high-resolution numerical weather prediction model for the Philippines. The main purpose of the model is to provide detailed forecast information to support operational meteorologists when tropical cyclones threaten the country. Chris monitors how well the model can predict tropical cyclones (particularly storm track, intensity and rainfall), and tests the impact of prospective model changes on tropical cyclone forecasts.  

Chris is also one of the main developers of a suite of diagnostic software tools (the RMED toolbox), designed to help Met Office scientists and collaborators assess the potential benefit of upgrades to the forecast model.

Career background

Chris has been a member of the RMED team (previously known as the Mesoscale Model Development team) since he joined the Met Office in June 2013. Prior to this he completed a PhD in Theoretical Astrophysics at the University of Nottingham, then worked as a post-doctorate researcher in Computational Astrophysics at the University of Sussex.