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Dr Dingmin Li

DingMin Li

Dingmin works on improving high-resolution data assimilation. He works in the Data Assimilation @ Reading Group based at MetOffice@Reading Unit at the Department of Meteorology, University of Reading.

Current activities

Dingmin is involved in research of new moisture control variables for assimilating of novel observations into high-resolution models, including the 1.5km-resolution Met Office Numerical Weather Prediction models model. The primary aim of this work is to better representation of convective-scale heavy precipitation in the model for flood forecasting.

Another aspect of Dingmin's work involves research of building and trialling of a 4D-Var hourly cycling UKV 1.5km nowcasting suite system based on ROSE. The aim is for operational implementation in 2016 onward.

Dingmin is also a main contributor in design and implementing the variational bias correction scheme into the Met Office's 4DVAR data assimilation system for assimilation of satellite data and possible other data. With efforts and innovations from colleagues in Satellite Applications, the scheme shows very significant improvements to the global model forecasts and will be accept for operational use in the next Unified Model system upgrade.

The other part of the research involved is the DIAMET project where data assimilation system support will be provided to colleagues in the universities and
impacts and sensitivity studies of the DIAMET observations on the model simulation and forecasts will be studied.

Career background

Dingmin joined the Met Office in 1998, having previously worked as a research scientist in the University of Reading Department of Meteorology since 1991 after completing Ph.D in Stratospheric Dynamics at the University of Edinburgh. His research prior to the Met Office involved mainly radiative modelling and stratospheric modeling. Dingmin's first job in Met Office was data assimilation in the global NWP model system, responsible for construction and testing of Met Office operational suite control system to implement 3DVAR/4DVAR assimilation systems together with New-Dynamic Unified Model model. In 2003, Dingmin moved to work on research of assimilating satellite observed infra-red observations into high resolution models. Dingmin moved to ECMWF in 2008 on secondment working on satellite data assimilation and bias correction, coming back to Met Office in 2010 working on VarBC and data assimilation into high resolution NWP systems.

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