Dr Gabriel Rooney

Areas of expertise

  • Buoyancy-driven flow.

  • Land-surface modelling.

  • Micrometeorology.

  • Turbulence.

Publications by Gabriel

Current activities

Gabriel works on turbulent convection and buoyancy-driven flow. This includes atmospheric convection, as well as convective-type flow from other sources e.g. volcanic plumes.

He has recently worked on the representation of lakes in the Unified Model via the Joint UK Land Environment Simulator (JULES).

Career background

Gabriel has been a member of Atmospheric Processes and Parametrizations since 2006 and prior to that spent several years working in Observations Based Research at the Met Office Research Unit at Cardington. He obtained his PhD on plume-flow modelling from DAMTP, University of Cambridge, following a maths degree from the Queen's University of Belfast.

External recognition

Gabriel was a Visiting Cheney Fellow at the University of Leeds between 2020-2023.